Tappan Dental Services

Tappan Comprehensive Dentistry offers a wide variety of dental services to our patients. We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treatment planning each patients’ case in order to produce the most efficient and sustainable results.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a form of dentistry in which the main focus is to improve the overall appearance of your smile. We have several methods of achieving this goal.


It is our goal to provide you and your family with excellent cosmetic dentistry and dental care in a friendly, caring atmosphere, and to educate you so that you can make better decisions regarding you and your family’s dental care..


During your initial visit to our office, our staff will greet you and assist you with completing any necessary paperwork. You will then be seen for a consultation and exam with one of our dentists.

We encourage our patients to return for routine evaluations and care. We distribute recall reminder post cards, make confirmation phone calls and sends reminder emails.

We want to ensure that our patients understand the significance of preventative dental care. Through routine cleanings and exams many patients drastically decrease their chances of periodontal diseases and further dental issues.


Nothing can ruin your day or vacation faster than a painful dental emergency. This can happen at any time, anywhere – and you can’t ignore the pain or delay treatment without seriously compromising your health or comfort. You can call our 24 hour hotline at (240) 343-4558, and a live operator will help you arrange an emergency visit – so you can get the treatment you need to get your smile back.



Our dentists may recommend a crown for teeth that have been damaged severely by trauma or disease. A crown helps restore the strength of the tooth and prevent further destruction. Crowns may also be used on front teeth to address patients aesthetic concerns, by closing spaces, changing the tooth angle, shade or color. Crowns can be made from many different materials. All ceramic metal free crowns may be used in all areas of the mouth. The proper material is selected to address the dental need and esthetic result.


A bridge consists of two or more crowns connected to an artificial tooth closing the edentulous space. Bridge placement is a good restoration method for a patient who wants a fixed tooth replacement. A bridge can be made from many different materials. All ceramic metal free bridgework may be used for most treatment plans. The proper material is selected to address the dental need and esthetic result.


Patients who are ideal candidates for Full Mouth Rehabilitation usually have experienced traumatic occlusion, missing teeth, periodontal disease, carries and other severe dental trauma. The process for treating these cases varies for each patient. The first step to understanding how to reach your goals is to schedule a consultation today!


Dental implants may be the ideal treatment if you are looking for a permanent non-removable or tooth supported solution to replacing missing teeth. Besides the more natural feel, dental implants offer additional benefits over other prosthesis, such as:

  • Ease of hygiene
  • Less maintenance
  • Bone retention

An ideal candidate for an implant is someone who is missing a tooth or several teeth. Replacing missing teeth can improve a patients digestion, improve esthetics of their smile and prevent shifting and the trauma as a result of “shifting”. Dental implants also offer a predictable result and when they are properly maintained they will last for years. The stress of visiting multiple offices is non-existent since the placement and restoration of the implant can be done in our office.


Dental procedures needed to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental procedures that aid in producing a more aesthetically appealing smile through altering color, shape and/or size.


We recognize the importance of aesthetic appeal. With that in mind, our teeth whitening procedure is innovative and highly reliable. Our procedure helps teeth become 2 to 3 times lighter and whiter. After we complete the whitening procedure, we also provide educational information about maintaining whitened teeth. Some preliminary information about teeth whitening is provided below.


We use the most current technology- the all-ceramic crown. Moving beyond the traditional porcelain fused to metal crown, we use the all-ceramic crown in order to provide patients with a more natural result.

  • Dental science has developed ceramic material that has been proven to rival the strength of metal.
  • Ceramics offer translucency, which mimics natural teeth and blocks stains..
  • Materials such as zirconium, bell glass and others can be used for full coverage crowns or as support for porcelain overlay for beautifully natural looking crowns.


Teeth-straightening is a common need for many people. With better, less complicated technology, DKR Dental provides patients with clear braces that are nearly invisible. The technology is “Invisalign” and DKR Dental uses that to align and gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. More information about Invisalign is provided below.


Porcelain veneers are common in creating new smiles and smile makeovers. Veneers repel stains relatively well, thus, making them an effective solution for many people. Educational information about porcelain veneers is provided below.

  • The procedure involves the placement of a thin porcelain laminate cover over the surface of the tooth.
  • Strong and very durable, veneers last from 10 to 15 years, and come in colors that will brighten dark teeth without the worry of them changing color.
  • Dark staining, miss aligned teeth, spacing and broken teeth may be corrected with porcelain veneers.


Arestin is the antibiotic used to tackle periodontal disease (e.g. bleeding gums and tooth-bone loss). The antibiotic is used a follow-up to our Scaling & Root Planning procedure when patients still have pockets of hard-to-kill bacteria. We use this antibiotic to help prevent the need for surgery. ARESTIN is an antibiotic that is shaped like a cartridge and is placed in the mouth (in the area of active infection) to kill the bacteria that underlie periodontal disease.

  • The antibiotic has a controlled release of therapeutic levels of Minocycline HCL for a number of days.
  • This antibiotic helps to slow the bone loss and possibly eliminate the need for surgery.


Bleeding gums coupled with tooth-bone loss, also known as “periodontal disease,” is common and affects 60% of the population. To prevent tooth loss and effectively tackle periodontal disease, we provide Scaling & Root Planning procedures that remove bacteria and reduce inflammation. The Scaling & Root Planning procedure is an initial treatment to prevent the progression of periodontal disease. The procedure involves the removal of calcified bacteria deposits, which removes the causative elements for infection, thereby reducing the inflammatory process and stopping the progress of bone loss. If necessary, additional treatments beyond the Scaling & Root Planning procedure may also be provided or performed, including antibiotics or surgery.


Dental procedures needed to address gum disease, infection or any issues dealing with the gums..


Is the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp.


We provide patients with a 21st century approach to Root Canal Treatments. Through technology and best practices, we have transformed what was once perceived to be a painful experience into an experience of physical comfort. We always keep our patients informed throughout the procedure. Educational information about Root Canal Treatment is provided below:

  • Root Canal Treatment is the treatment of the tooth canal in an effort to maintain the tooth.
  • Damage to the pulp of the tooth may occur from cavities, infraction, or trauma.
  • The procedure involves the removal of the deceased pulp, cleaning the canal and sealing it.
  • Once the root canal is complete it has a 95% successful rate.
  • Following the root canal, it is often necessary to restore the strength of the tooth with a post/core and crown.